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2014-03-27 — IceWarp Releases 64-bit Linux Version of New IceWarp Messaging Server 11
Available to a wide array of Linux-based platforms like Debian, RedHat, and Ubuntu....


Exchange Migration

Greatly reduce costs, and cut administrative overhead by replacing your Exchange Server with IceWarp. Exchange Migration


for Internet Service Providers

  • Internet Services Inc.
  • ActiveHost
  • Outerhost
  • Host Works Inc.

for Small and Medium Business

  • Consolidated Publishing
  • Autobell Car Wash
  • Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Schaeffer Electric Company

for Financial Institutions

  • Kearny County Bank
  • Securex Financial
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Kearny County Bank

for Government

  • The Department of the Navy
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The Civil Air Patrol - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

for Education

  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Minnesota
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT
  • Finlandia University

for Enterprise

  • Toyota
  • Burger King
  • Marriott
  • Cisco

for Non-Profits

  • Harmony Adoptions
  • The United Way
  • The Society of Actuaries
  • The Gladney Center for Adoption

for Healthcare

  • Allied Health Systems
  • Dearborn County Hospital
  • Healthcare Partners
  • Allegiance Health

FAQ About IceWarp Server

Q. When was IceWarp founded?
A. IceWarp was founded in 2001.

Q. Where is IceWarp headquartered?
A. IceWarp is headquartered in Cyprus with offices in Prague, Czech Republic and Springfield, Virginia, USA.

Q. Who are IceWarp’s competitors?
A. Competitors include MicroSoft , IBM, AtMail, Google, iMail, Kerio, SmarterMail and Zimbra. It really depends on the organization as all of the other messaging and communications products on the market do some of what IceWarp Server can do, but nothing does it all.

Q. Who are IceWarp’s customers?
A. IceWarp customers include The Department of Justice, The US Navy, Lucas Film, Toyota, Burger King and Marriott just to name a few.

Q. How many users does IceWarp have?
A. We are deployed by over 20,000 organizations worldwide supporting over 50 million end users.

Q. Who is the target audience for IceWarp?
A. IceWarp’s target audience are businesses of all sizes across every industry. Their solutions are scalable to grow with businesses as they expand.

Q. How do IceWarp’s solutions differ from competitors?
A. IceWarp products have proven technology that delivers proven security, reliable performance and ROI in an integrated solution that eliminates multi-vendor products. IceWarp products provide flexible and easy deployment and management for enterprises. All in all, IceWarp delivers more bells and whistles, as in IM, VoIP, SMS, desktop mail client and access than their competitors. There is no other product on the market that has more integrated features than IceWarp Unified Communications Server.

Q. The protection of enterprise information has been a hot topic lately. How do IceWarp products insure the security of the enterprise network?
A. We encrypt everything, seriously. The powerful IceWarp Server 2011 bakes security into every aspect and all forms of communications. We believe in archiving everything, too. Our Unified Communications platform also goes far beyond limited end-point solutions for anti-spam and anti-virus that other so-called Unified Communications providers claim will protect critical data across the network and all devices.