Web Client Administration

IceWarp WebClient offers freedom and flexibility, giving administrators the ability to customize and fully control its behavior. It provides granular control over internal policies for any type or size company, including service providers, SMBs and enterprises.

Administrator Options

IceWarp WebClient gives administrators granular control of various features on both domain and user levels, including access to instant messaging & VoIP, the ability to hide the antispam tab and SmartAttach feature, and the ability to disable password modification.


Administrators can customize many elements in IceWarp WebClient, including the logo, page title and the login screen message. They can also choose the default landing page displayed to users immediately upon login, including the home page, inbox, and last folder viewed.

Customizable Homepage

IceWarp WebClient includes a customizable area for HTML content. This lets your workforce access unique content, such as a web-based CRM system, organization-wide messages and other web content or applications. Hosting companies can directly embed domain controllers and other information into the WebClient.

Virtual Hosts in WebClient

WebClient supports multiple domains, each with unique settings, designs and configurations. Multi-domain support is a feature designed especially for SaaS providers, hosting companies andĀ ISPs.