IceWarp SmartAttach

IceWarp SmartAttach ™ is a new technology that gives senders full control over email attachments. It is a faster, more secure, more efficient and reliable way to deliver them.

True to its name, SmartAttach intelligently separates attachments from an outbound email and automatically embeds a hyperlink within the message before it is sent to the recipient. The files that are SmartAttached can be managed in the users' IceWarp Groupware folders giving them full control of their data at all times.

Why do you need SmartAttach technology?

  • It offers enhanced security and document control.
  • It is resource-efficient.
  • It reduces the number of load spikes.
  • It provides flexible file storage in IceWarp GroupWare.
  • It simplifies deployment of large mailing lists with large attachments.
  • It saves bandwidth.

Providing a hyperlink that moves attachments outside the email process has many benefits for users and administrators.

  • SmartAttach files are delivered directly to recipients via download links embedded in the email. Attachments cannot be archived by the recipient email server since they are not an actual part of the message.
  • Administrators can establish expiration dates for SmartAttach files; once expired, SmartAttach documents are deleted from the sender's Files folder on the IceWarp Server.
  • SmartAttach stores attachments on the server, letting recipients access attached files only when they want to. The file will not be sent to recipients who might not have the need to view it or who prefer to view it at another time.
  • SmartAttach reduces overhead processing by sending a link to a file, not the file itself. And since an SMTP service is no longer required for the download of the file, businesses can avoid system instability and major performance delays.

SmartAttach is also natively supported by any email client on the market, since it can be configured by IT administrators to be fully automatic and globally deployed through the server. An organization can even globally enforce SmartAttach as the exclusive method of email file attachment, or establish IceWarp Server as a SmartAttach gateway to other messaging systems, such as Microsoft Exchange.

Administrators retain ample control over SmartAttach triggers. Various corporate policies can be upheld according to the demands of resource management, security, privacy, and preferred business practice.

  • For selected messages or for all messages
  • For recipients at entire specified domains
  • For individuals and specific email addresses
  • According to Subject keywords
  • According to Message Body keywords
  • According to identified days of the week
  • According to time of transmission
  • According to date or within an identified date span
  • According to message priority
  • According to attachment types
  • According to file names
  • According to local delivery or delivery to a remote server
  • According to the response from an SQL server

For more information on SmartAttach ™, or to schedule a private 1-on-1 webdemo, please contact IceWarp Sales at 1.888.ICEWARP